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Tyner Carenin

Tyner Carenin RESVERATROL 白藜芦醇 (膳食补充剂)

Tyner Carenin RESVERATROL 白藜芦醇 (膳食补充剂)

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Resveratrol is a type of non-flavonoid polyphenolic organic compound. It is an anti-toxin produced by many plants when stimulated, and can be synthesized in grape leaves and grape skins. It is a bioactive component of grape wine and grape juice. It is easily absorbed orally and eliminated through urine and feces after metabolism. In vitro and animal experiments have shown that resveratrol has antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and cardiovascular protective effects.


Rhodiola, a traditional Chinese medicine, is the dried root and rhizome of the large-flowered rhodiola of the family Crassulaceae. It is harvested after the flowering stem withers in autumn, the rough bark is removed, washed, and dried. It has a sweet and bitter taste, a neutral property, and is attributed to the lung and heart meridians. It has the functions of replenishing qi and activating blood, promoting blood circulation and relieving asthma. It is mainly used for qi deficiency and blood stasis, chest tightness and heart pain, stroke hemiplegia, fatigue and asthma. The "Chinese Herbal Medicine Dictionary" records that Rhodiola is "cold in nature, sweet and bitter in taste, and can activate blood circulation and stop bleeding, clear the lungs and stop coughing. It is used to treat hemoptysis, coughing up blood, and pneumonia cough."

Grape Seed:

Grape seed extract is one of the most effective antioxidants discovered from plants so far. In vivo and in vitro experiments have shown that the antioxidant effect of grape seed extract is 30-50 times that of vitamin C and vitamin E. Its super antioxidant efficiency has a strong effect on clearing free radicals and improving human immunity.

Grape seed extract contains a large amount of proanthocyanidins OPC. Proanthocyanidins protect human skin from free radical damage, which increases skin elasticity and protects it from harsh environmental damage. (Proanthocyanidins are used for: poor circulation in the microcirculatory systems of the brain and heart, changing the fragility and permeability of microfilament blood vessels (for diabetic patients), long-term blood flow deficiency in limbs, changing platelet aggregation and microfilament blood flow characteristics, damage to the elastic fibers (collagen and elastin) of micro blood vessels by free radicals and enzymes, retinal microvascular disease, lymph node swelling, varicose veins and other symptoms, signs of aging and reduced risk of degenerative diseases.


Glutathione helps maintain normal immune system function and has antioxidative and detoxifying effects. It can easily bind to certain drugs, toxins, etc., making them have integrative detoxifying effects. Glutathione can not only be used as a medicine, but also as a functional food ingredient, and is widely used in anti-aging, enhancing immunity, anti-tumor and other functional foods.


Improve human immunity, clear lungs and relieve cough; Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and protect cardiovascular health; Inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce the incidence of heart disease; Protect retinal vascular disease, varicose veins, and reduce the incidence of degenerative diseases.


Take 1-2 capsules after meals, 60 capsules per bottle, shelf life 2 years.







谷胱甘:谷胱甘肽能帮助保持正常的免疫系统功能,并具有抗氧化作用、整合解毒作用]  。易与某些药物、毒素等结合,使其具有整合解毒作用 。谷胱甘肽不仅可用于药物,更可作为功能性食品的基料,在延缓衰老、增强免疫力、抗肿瘤等功能性食品广泛应用。






饭后1-2粒   60粒精装  保质期 2



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