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Tyner Carenin

Tyner Carenin SOD (膳食补充剂)

Tyner Carenin SOD (膳食补充剂)

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SOD: Enhances immunity, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, improves sleep quality, memory, and prevents aging. SOD can capture and dissolve free radicals in the human body, converting them into harmless oxygen molecules and atoms, and clearing tissue cell lipid peroxidation. SOD can clear and reduce excessive free radicals in the body and slow down aging. It can continuously eliminate oxygen free radicals produced by melanin due to excessive oxygen consumption by light, prevent excessive formation of melanin, and continuously eliminate oxygen free radicals produced by lipofuscin and ceroid to avoid excessive lipid peroxidation, reduce the formation of lipofuscin and ceroid, and prevent aging.

CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone 10, is a lipid-soluble quinone whose structure is similar to that of vitamin K. It is named after the polymerization degree of the side chain-polyisoprene group on the mother nucleus six. Coenzyme Q10 was discovered in 1957, and its chemical structure was identified by Dr. Karl Folkers in 1958, who received the highest honor, the Priestly Medal, from the American Chemical Society. He is known as the father of coenzyme Q10 research, and he proposed that coenzyme Q10 plays an important role in heart function. In real life, Dr. Folkers took Q10 for 40 years until he passed away at the age of 91. As an active professor, he always engaged in scientific research with full of energy.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of antibodies and collagen, tissue repair (including some redox reactions), metabolism of phenylalanine, tyrosine, folic acid, utilization of iron and carbohydrates, synthesis of fats and proteins, maintenance of immune function, hydroxylation of 5-hydroxytryptamine, maintenance of vascular integrity, and promotion of non-heme iron absorption. Vitamin C also has the effects of anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, and inhibition of tyrosinase formation, thereby achieving the whitening and freckle removal effect. In the human body, vitamin C is an efficient antioxidant used to alleviate oxidative stress of ascorbate peroxidase sch. Vitamin C is also necessary for many important biosynthetic processes.

Lycopene: Lowers the oxidation of bad cholesterol, protects cardiovascular health, eliminates free radicals, fights against aging, and protects male prostate health. When the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, LDL) in human blood is oxidized, it is easy to cause arteriosclerosis and increase the probability of cardiovascular diseases. The high antioxidant capacity of lycopene can reduce the oxidation of LDL, thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, lycopene can reduce the activity of coagulation factors in the blood, thereby preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits: Cares for and protects cardiovascular health, clears and reduces excessive free radicals in the body, prevents rough skin, and delays aging. It has antioxidant properties.


Promote cardiovascular health, clear and reduce excess free radicals in the body, prevent rough skin, delay aging, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, improve sleep quality, memory, and immune function, and protect prostate health.

Overall, the ingredient list includes SOD, CoQ10, vitamin C, and lycopene, all of which have various health benefits such as promoting cardiovascular health, reducing oxidative stress and free radicals, preventing aging, and enhancing immune function. Additionally, they provide specific benefits such as protecting prostate health and promoting better sleep quality and memory.



Take 1-2 pills after meals. 60 pills per bottle. Shelf life: 2 years.




增强免疫力、抗肿瘤, 抗炎,提高睡眠质量、提高记忆力、防衰老。 SOD能够虏获、溶解人体自由基,将它变为对身体没害的氧分子和氧原子,清除组织体细胞脂质过氧化。SOD能清除和减少人体内过多的自由基而延缓衰老。它可以不断地清除由光照黑色素耗氧过多而产生的氧自由基, 防止过多的黑色素的形成。同时也可不断地清除由脂褐素和蜡样质产生的氧自由基避免过多的脂质发生过氧化, 而减少脂褐素和蜡样质的形成,   进而起到防止衰老的作用.

CoQ10:  辅酶 Q10,又名泛醌10,是一种脂溶性醌, 其结构类似于维生素K,因其母核六位上的侧链——聚异戊烯基的聚合度为10而得名. 辅酶Q10是1957年被发现,1958年被卡鲁福鲁卡斯博士认定了化学结构,并且获得 了美国化学学会的最高荣誉Priestly Medal,被称为辅酶Q10的研究之父,当时他提出辅酶Q10对心脏机能起着重要的作用。在实际生活中,卡鲁福鲁卡斯博士,40年来,一直服用Q10,直到91岁去世为止,作为现役教授他一直都是精力充沛的从事科研活动。

维生素C维生素C为抗体及胶原形成,组织修补(包括某些氧化还原作用),苯丙氨酸酪氨酸、叶酸的代谢,铁、碳水化合物的利用,脂肪、蛋白质的合成,维持免疫功能,羟化5-羟色胺,保持血管的完整,促进非血红素铁吸收等所必需,同时维生素C还具备有抗氧化,抗自由基,抑制酪氨酸酶的形成,从而达到美白,淡斑的功效。 在人体内,维生素C是高效抗氧化剂,用来减轻抗坏血酸过氧化物酶(ascorbate peroxidase)sch的氧化应激(oxidative stress)。 还有许多重要的生物合成过程中也需要维生素C参与作用。

番茄红素:降低壞膽固醇的氧化、保護心血管健康, 掃除自由基、抗老化先鋒, 保護男性攝護腺健康. 當人體血液中的壞膽固醇(低密度膽固醇LDL)氧化時,容易造成動脈硬化,增加心血管疾病發生機率。茄紅素的高抗氧化能力,可降低LDL的受氧化作用,因此有預防心血管疾病的功效。並且茄紅素能降低血液中的凝血因子活性,進而預防心血管性疾病的發生。




用法:饭后1-2   60粒精装,保质期 2


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